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Pastor Nathan Torsy has been serving Word Aflame Church as a minister since 2011. He began as the Youth Minister/Leader for five years and then was promoted to Assistant Pastor, which he has faithfully served for the past five years. Pastor Torsy is married to Rev. Genessa Torsy since 2010 and they have two wonderful boys, Ethan and Philip. 

Rev. Genessa Torsy, wife of Pastor Nathan Torsy, has been serving Word Aflame Church for 17 years in the music ministry. She also served in the Sunday School department as a teacher and Youth Leader with her husband. She is a Texas Tech University graduate with her master's degree in English Literature. Rev. Torsy has also taught at Indiana Bible College as well as taught the deaf in public schools. She also serves as the music director.

Bishop Ron Cruddas has been serving and leading Word Aflame Church for 21 plus years. God put a tremendous burden upon him for the city of Lubbock for three years prior to taking the pastorate. The Bishop has been married for 42 years to Sis. Rhonda Cruddas and they have two children and 5 grandchildren.

Rev. Harlley Hunt and his wife have faithfully served as Assistant Pastor for 25 plus years. Rev. Hunt has also wonderfully lead the assembly of Word Aflame Church during his years with great enthusiasm and fervor.